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Hydrocool.ae in Dubai, UAE is the right place to look for the high-quality cooling and heating products. It enables finding the full range of energy efficient, and attractive looking outdoor coolers and outdoor heaters that are featured with speedy air flow, low noise, and durability. The sustainability of fan and motor makes them truly efficient in keeping the environment cool and pleasant. Apart from this, the buyers can go through a great collection of misting fans, outdoor air coolers, Evaporative coolers and portable outdoor air conditioners, that are capable of cooling the large open spaces in a quick and fast manner. We primarily focus on assuring affordability and excellence in quality of the outdoor cooling products offered by us for rental within Dubai and Abu Dhabi City through our website.

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Dubai best seller evaporative outdoor air coolers:


Outdoor air cooler

HYD8000z Outdoor Air Cooler


Portable air cooler

12000 portable outdoor cooler


Industrial outdoor cooler

hyd9000 industrial outdoor cooler

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Outdoor cooler rental in Dubai:

Outdoor cooler rental Dubai
Outdoor cooler rental Dubai

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Outdoor AC rental in Dubai
Outdoor AC rental in Dubai

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Outdoor cooling mist fan rental in Dubai
Outdoor cooling mist fan rental in Dubai


Energy Efficiency Outdoor Air Coolers

Individuals normally use air conditioners as the main source of cooling system for spaces which are not covered by a central AC. It will help save money on energy prices. For other energy-savings, take a look at your version’s:

These systems in many cases are loaded with useful features to provide you greater temperature control and also make energy consumption simpler to handle.

EER measurement is just another efficiency index, plus it is gaining popularity on the other side of the portable AC sector.

Generally, every 0.5 increase in EER translates into a 5% fall in your electricity use.

Patio heaters

make a significant change. Nothing cools down a celebration like a chilly night. Shutting down an outside veranda at a restaurant due to the cold additionally restricts your seats and may mean a large number of Dirhams in lost sales.

Probably the main factor of the patio heater you select is the total layout. The aesthetic attractiveness of the unit is half the pleasure. Outside heaters should complement the plan of your Terrace, not divert from it. Distinct producers set their particular dash on the fundamental layout of the full size units, from easy, practical steel to a more contemporary appearance throughout the fire.

Misting Fans
Keep cool when temperatures increase with misting fans. Suitable and user friendly, they’re an ideal alternative for cooling system work spaces, first responders, verandas, sportsmen and much more. Outdoor Misting Fan circulates air close to the pool, patio, or inside your dwelling. The fan is both powerful and efficient during the spring as well as summertime. The standalone mobile fan is supported

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