Outdoor AC Air conditioner


Outdoor AC Air conditioner

Outdoor AC-Air-conditioner


Outdoor AC – Industrial Spot Air Conditioner

When you require most extreme cooling power in open or semi-open areas, you need the Portable outdoor AC systems. It’s mainly designed for spot cooling even for outdoor work zones with various cooling capacities.

The Outdoor Air conditioner has the advantages of mobility with portable industrial Air conditioner design. Comes with powerful airflow for more spot-cooling power. The outdoor AC is ideal for outdoor spot cooling, workshop cooling, and industrial cooling applications.

From assembly lines to foodstuff factory and metal framing workshops, the spot air conditioner can spot cool even your most complicated situations. Wherever and at whatever point you require it.

Ideal for spot cooling for laborers or the zones that need cooling. Give spot cooling wherever and at whatever point you need it.


• Up to 1200m3/h of cold air – Maximum spot-cooling provides cool air to bigger work areas.

• Multiple cooling ducts– Add different flexible air hoses to cool every separate work zones.

• Rugged design– Performs in the harshest situations.

• Handles extreme temperatures.

• Wholly independent – All-in-one configuration makes an operation for all intents and purposes installation free.


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