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Outdoor Coolers in Dubai

The Outdoor Coolers are considered as the standard method of system cooling which Is dissipating heat. These Outdoor Coolers are able to remove the heat from and object and make it more functional.

Outdoor Coolers in Dubai

There are several ways of these Outdoor Coolers work,

  • 1. By expanding the surface area of the object
  • 2. By increasing the flow of air over the object
  • 3. Combination of above two

Expansion of the surface area is achieved either by making an air cooler integral or attaching that tightly to the surface of the object. The second way is an air cooler, probably a cooling fan blows air into or over the object that we want to cool. The addition of heat sink will increase the surface area and result in effective cooling.

All the above cases the mechanism of cooling of Outdoor Air Coolers is based on the second law of thermodynamics in physics. It states that the heat only transfers spontaneously from a hot reservoir to a cool reservoir. Therefore, the air that is used in the portable air coolers should always be cooler than the temperature of the object that we want to cool.

The Outdoor Coolers are being used in several sectors. Vehicles, turbines, electronic devices, various industries are some of the areas where the Outdoor Coolers are used.

The Outdoor Coolers are mainly used in vehicles in internal combustion engines (ICE). But cooling directly by industrial air Coolers in cars are rare nowadays. But in the past world recognized car companies like BMW, Porsche used industrial air coolers to cool their engines.

In gas turbine engines, the Outdoor Air Coolers are used because they are exposed to hot gasses that exit from the combustion chamber. The Outdoor Coolers blow the cool air over the turbine blades and vanes to prevent them from melting.

Another sector where the Outdoor Coolers are largely used is electronic devices. Especially in computers, the portable coolers are used in OUTDOOR COOLING cooling. The computer processor lies inside the OUTDOOR COOLING generally produce a large amount of heat when it works. If we are unable to remove that heat properly it will damage people and other parts also. When we use Outdoor Coolers it will provide an additional advantage here which is the air of an air cooler become a good insulator too. Hopefully, the upcoming OUTDOOR COOLING processor will produce more heat and the need for the Outdoor Coolers in the electronic device sector will increase further.

There are a large number of industries and factories that use the Outdoor Coolers to blow cool air into a room or a hall and make a comfortable atmosphere for their occupants. The outdoor air coolers cool the air by chilled water or brine. That absorbed heat is transported to the outside of the building.

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